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Our mission is to build up your trust and confident level that you can rely on our

Specialized Efforts to solve your existing Pest problem.

And continue to take care of your property in Pest Management with the right

Man, Machine and Method.


With Combined Experiences in Pest Control Services and 

Property/Facilities Management.


Solving any Pest problem is our forte.  Keep it solved is an Expertise. 



Work harder than Human

Consistent Results

Minimize Human Error & Negligence



When quality service and solving the problem is what you really need in your mind.

Our point of contact activation is direct and get things done. 



Pest infestation is a presence of source contribution. We provide solutions with Source Removal, Rectification and Preventive works incorporating Pest Control criteria. 


Knowledge and Character That Can Serve Your Needs

Pest Control services are effort based.

To put in Effort in solving Pest Problems commands time. 

We believe in efforts. 

Service charges are the same or even lower than

15 years ago. 

Pest Infestation increase exponentially. 

We need to do something about it.