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Pest Management

Our specialization in the pest management industry are

Residential (HDB, Condominiums and Landed),

Commercial (Offices and Industrial Estates),

Vessels and Leisure Boat, 

Vehicles of all types (Cars, Buses, Lorries, Trains)

Food Establishment Sectors


Anti-Termite Program, Intensive Rodent Control (Rat Attack), Full Service Cockroaches Eradication Program and Intensify Mosquito Treatment for outdoor activities, Safely. 

We emphasize to our clients that we always need to perform initial thorough eradication before we proceed with maintenance control. 


We constantly remind our Servicemen that we are named as service provider/vendors/contractors. It means we must provide utmost support to our clients that need us dearly in times of urgency or maintain peace of mind for our clients.

Pest Management needs to put in efforts to see results.

Your cooperation in Source Reduction is very much needed as well. 


Pest Automation

This is an important sector that our Director believes it will be the next era to control and subdue the growing numbers of Pest Infestation. 

Installing Machines to provide consistent, timely treatment, reducing manpower high cost and human errors.

Currently this department is under Development. It may require stages of intensive Research and Authorities approval.

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