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AUTOPEST is a Pest Control service business that highly regards Effort is the key to quality services and beyond conventional treatments to solve any Pest Infestations. 

AUTOPEST is founded by Ryan Chin with experience of more than 15 hardship years of Pest Management collaborating his wide knowledge and practical sense in Property Management and Civil Engineering. 


Beside using the leading brands of products with Billions of research cost behind, it is the Interest and Passion to combine Man, Machine and Method to solve Pest Problems.  

AUTOPEST is created as a Pest Control company that raise a better standard service quality and price in a new way that benefit customers eventually. 

Training and Moral Education will not be spared 

Regardless of experience, all servicemen have to undergo AUTOPEST system and training in terms of pest knowledge and character grooming. 

Besides basic salary, Servicemen are rewarded with Productivity Bonus. And also can be demerited for incompetence or Customer Unsatisfactory situations.


Start with a Dependable Service System & Selective Servicemen

Effort. Our company emphasize effort to work out and reveal problems that needs to be solved if client is interested about results. 

Our service include photo taken of pest infestations or defects that contributes to the problems and show it to client to perform secondary actions to remove any Source of problem. 

Servicemen and Client must commit to know Each Other  

Both Client/Representative and our Servicemen must know and communicate to each other. 

This is a psychological relationship that Servicemen has to commit not just a job but be responsible to help their Client with a closer link. 

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